The message of Prof. Alireza Mesdaghinia President of Iranian Associations of Environmental Health

A Message from the President of Iranian Association of Environmental Health (IAEH)


In modern societies, the development of industry and urbanization, without a deep look at the importance of sustainable development, has increased pollution and the release of pollutants in environment.

It is very well known that environmental risk factors have a significant impact on human health directly and indirectly, specially in burden of noncommunicable diseases.  

According to the World Health Organization in 2015, about 19 to 25 percent of the burden of diseases in our region are attributed to environmental risk factors.

Despite the significant impact of the millennium development goals (MDGs) on improving human life, millions of people in the world suffer from the health, economic and social inequalities. Thus, on September 25th 2015, a new global framework as a basis for global sustainable development by 2030, has been approved by United Nations (UN), including 17 goals with 169 associated targets and 320 indicators. Among them, several goals, targets and indicators are introduced as the environmental health indicators such as mortality attributed to air pollution, average concentration of PM2.5, outdoor air pollution, water and sanitation.

Iranian Association of Environmental Health (IAEH), as one of the most active scientific associations in the Islamic Republic of Iran was established in 1999 and has conducted annually "National Conferences on Environmental Health" in collaboration with Medical Sciences Universities to display the latest achievements of experts in the field of environmental risk factors assessment and the attributed health effects in national and provincial levels. This conference has been widely welcomed by experts and those involved in administrative affairs in the field of environment.

Now IAEH in collaboration with Tehran University of Medical Sciences plans to deal with international and global aspects of environmental risk factors with a focus on sustainable development goals adopted by United Nations. Thus "the 1st International and 19th National Conference on Environmental Health & Sustainable Development" will be held on October 22-24th 2016 with the contribution of national and international authorities and researchers and with a focus on sustainable development.

I hope this activity can assist environmental health promotion in our country and other communities.

Participation of our distinguished national and international guests is highly welcomed and appreciated.




Alireza Mesdaghinia

President, IAEH

October 2016